Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Senator Roadblock

Sen. Mike Lee (R.-UT)
This is Mike Lee. He is the junior Senator from Utah. He is responsible for the Senate's failure to allow a vote on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's Military Justice Improvement Act. As Roll Call reports:
Consideration of amendments stalled on [Sen. John] McCain's defense policy bill, when Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, insisted that the Senate debate his measure setting guidelines for the indefinite detention of a citizen on U.S. soil.

Another senator blocked discussion on that item, so Lee would not allow any others go forward — even his own measure calling for a study of women in the draft. 
"As soon as we started the bill, I said to Sen. Lee, I know that this [Selective Service] issue is important to you, I'll be glad to take it up right away. He said I don't want to take it up," McCain said.
Nice work, Senator Lee. 

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