Saturday, June 4, 2016

Department of serendipity

The Editor has stumbled on an interesting document that governs the relationship between the Israeli Military Advocate General and the Attorney General of Israel. Excerpt:
9. The Attorney General will review decisions made by the Military Advocate General, as mentioned above, after hearing the Military Advocate General's position on the matter, in accordance with the following guiding principles:

a) Decisions that the Attorney General believes are of special importance to the public or where the Attorney General finds that the implications go beyond the IDF. These will include, for example, decisions regarding policy aspects of the application of military force, where it is alleged that such policy is unlawful and constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law.

b) All cases where the Attorney General believes that the decision of the Military Advocate General departs from accepted legal norms.

c) Cases where the Attorney General believes that the Military Advocate General has not given proper weight to the general prosecution policy or to the need for uniformity and harmony between the various prosecution bodies.

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