Friday, March 25, 2016

Statistically speaking

It is ironic that while the UPDF's main role is to protect the country, some of its officers have turned on the citizens.
So reports The Observer (Kampala).
Statistics from the army General Court Martial (GCM) show that theft, robbery, aggravated robbery and murder are some of the commonest offences by UPDF soldiers. But the army has rejected suggestions that this is because the government has neglected the soldiers' welfare.
According to a source at the Makindye-based GCM, on average, between 15 and 25 soldiers are court-martialled for stealing from - and murdering - taxpayers. The statistics seem to reflect the rise in gun crime in the last two years - but also on the army's determination to clean its house.
The U. S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals estimates that 60% of the cases currently are sexual assaults, we could not get similar estimates from the other Services. This may reflect media, congressional, and leadership attention to the issue.

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  1. The statistics aren't released by the Chinese military courts, either.


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