Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Speaking of mission creep

Speaking of mission creep, consider this suggestion from Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman to expand the jurisdiction of Pakistan's controversial military courts (whose fate lies in the hands of the Supreme Court):
The Supreme Court has alas still not permitted the military courts to operate with the result that the terrorists continue to escape unharmed. What our honourable judges need to understand is that there is one thing which is far more important than even our constitution and the laws made under it – the basic right of a human being to a decent life with peace, honour and dignity. This is laid out in the spirit of our constitution and should be the overriding consideration by our Supreme Court and high court judges in the fight against corruption and terror. The existence of Pakistan depends on their taking this view.

So it is vitally important for the Supreme Court of Pakistan at this critical juncture of our history to step in aggressively and give a free hand to our armed forces so that military courts can try and punish not only the terrorists but also those involved in ‘financial terrorism’ – the massive corruption that funds this terrorism. Then, and only then, can a new era of a prosperous Pakistan begin and we can embark on a road to nation building by establishing a strong knowledge economy. . . .
(Emphasis supplied.) 

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