Friday, July 3, 2015

Spanish service members' association leader speaks out on military justice reform

Mariano Casado
Mariano Casado, secretary-general of AUME (the association of Spanish soldiers) has given this interview (in Spanish) about recent developments in the reform of Spanish military justice, including removal of the appointment of judges from the Minister of Defense. He also spoke of AUME's aspirations for the future:
Is there a country in our environment whose model of military jurisdiction we can adapt to an environment like ours? 
It is possible that Germany is a good precedent because there are civilian judges who see all these issues we're talking about. In our immediate environment there as three models: a strictly military system like ours; a hybrid; and one composed only of civilians. AUME believes in a EUROMIL environment that synchronizes the legal systems of European armed forces.
Could you talk about the medium term of a European military law? 
It is true that could be achieved but bear in mind that if it is already difficult to normalize military jurisdiction domestically, I cannot tell you what the military would find to be proper common European goals. 
A more reasonable question about this synchronization would be the timing of the work of the various Chiefs of Staff on such legislation. The result should be disciplinary and criminal legislation that reflects common standards so that issues are treated the same in any country in Europe. [Rough Google translation.]

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