Friday, July 24, 2015

Operation HONOUR. Stamp out sexual harassment: "It must stop now".

Vance's decisive stand on sexual misconduct
 indicates that he is more than willing
 to move out in uncharted territory 
to eradicate the scourge of sexual misconduct.

The Chief of the Defence Staff Staff for Canada (General Jonathan Vance) has issued a General Order to all members of the military forces.

Any form of harmful sexual behaviour undermines who we are, is a threat to morale, is a threat to operational readiness and is a threat to this institution. It stops now.

Leaders do the right thing for the right reason at the right time! Not surprisingly, therefore, General Vance has gone even further.

"I will not engage in any discussion or debate about the degree or severity of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces. 
"It does not matter, for even a single incident is too many, and even unintentional harm or offence is unacceptable. This is a serious matter."
"I have summoned all the General and Flag Officers and my [Component and Operations Commands] commanders . . , along with their chief warrant officers, to a one-day, single issue CDS Commanders' Seminar in August to lay out the way ahead."
Vance is a change agent!

This is generalship at it best.  General Vance's determination to stamp out sexual misconduct in the ranks is the first manifest, unequivocal and robust stand taken by an incumbent of the Office of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Much remains to be done but this is a giant first step.

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