Sunday, June 14, 2015

Former Bulgarian Defense Minister urges abolition

Brig. Gen. Dimitar Shivikov
A former Defense Minister of Bulgaria has urged Parliament to abolish the military justice system, according to this report.
“Why don’t the Bulgarian MPs with the parliamentary committee on defence initiate a constitutional amendment and send the military justice into history, where it belongs,” said Boyko Noev, former minister of defence and former ambassador to NATO, speaking for FOCUS News Agency. 
“The military prosecutor’s office is the most corrupt part of the judicial system. And by “corrupt” I mean the broad meaning of this term,” Mr Noev remarked. 
“The defence committee should be more active over the Shivikov case
The demonstration of the military officers in support of their commander is an extraordinary event. Some may call it a riot and probably it is, if defined as a moral category,” he added. 
“The petite household things [Brigadier] General [Dimitar] Shivikov was accused of are drastically contradicting the status of the elite 61st brigade and the perfect professional biography he has,” the expert added.
More information about General Zhivkov's case can be found here

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