Monday, April 27, 2015

Three more PLA generals slated for prosecution?

General Zhan Guoqiang
A terse statement on the Chinese Ministry of Defense (MOD) website posted on April 26 revealed that Generals Zhan Guoqiang, Zhan Jun, and Dong Mingxiang are under investigation by the PLA Military Procuratorate (the military prosecutor's office). It can be expected that the military procuratorate will initiate prosecution of these cases later this year. The website statement is a continuation of the PLA's policy of greater transparency, discussed in this blogpost.
Zhan Guoqiang and Dong Mingxiang were both directors of logistics departments in their military districts.

General Zhan Jun
General Dong Mingxiang
A policy document issued by the Central Military Commission at the end of last year, Detailed Regulations on Work to Prevent Duty Crimes, highlighted logistics as one of the problem areas for corruption in the PLA.

Although not stated, the PLA anti-corruption drive cases places enormous pressure on the military procuratorate and courts to prosecute and try these cases. An earlier blogpost highlighted the promotion of existing senior prosecutors and judges. It is likely that additional prosecutors and judges have been recruited.

Comment: We look forward to reports by defense lawyers for these generals, as well as greater transparency in their trials.

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