Friday, April 17, 2015

The smallest armies

Pontifical Swiss Guards
The Pontifical Swiss Guards (Latin: Cohors Helvetica Pontificia) [Swiss Guards] has its origins on January 22, 1506 when 150 Swiss Guards entered for the first time the Vatican where they were blessed by Pope Julius III. The Swiss Guards are responsible for the safety of the Pope, including the security of the Apostolic Palace. They serve as the de facto military force of the Vatican and are one of the oldest active military units in existence. In December 2014, Pope Francis dismissed the Commander of the Swiss Guard, Colonel Daniel Rudolf Anrig, allegedly because of the latter's “excessively strict military discipline.” [Dismissal of the Commander]

Compagnie des carabiniers
du Prince de Monaco
The Swiss Guards serve as the de facto military force of the Vatican. They are the smallest military force in the world, with 110 soldiers vice la Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince de Monaco [Monaco] which numbers 119 officers and men.

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  1. Esoterica alert: see also The Atholl Highlanders (private army of the Duke of Atholl),


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