Monday, December 8, 2014

Malaysian bar and the indelible indelible ink case

Steven Thiruneelakandan
Remember Major Zaidi Ahmad, who is on trial because he went public pointing out the ineffectiveness of indelible ink as a means of thwarting electoral fraud in Malaysia? The bar has now spoken up in his behalf, according to this story in The Sun Daily:
The Malaysian Bar is concerned with the decision of the convening authority of the court martial of Major Zaidi Ahmad to ignore a serious allegation of bias against the court martial's Presiding Officer, and to proceed with the matter regardless.
*  *  * 
[Bar vice president Steven Thiruneelakandan] said the court martial of Zaidi should not proceed in the face of the allegation of bias against its Presiding Officer as this is critical, so as to ensure that its decision is not tainted by bias, and to avoid compromising the integrity of its proceedings.
Readers will recall that the presiding officer at the court-martial had made disparaging remarks about Major Zaidi in a FaceBook post.

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