Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where should this case have been tried?

:Military Court gives custody for three effective by Flores case.  (Photo: Cajamarca Reporters)
From Peru as reported in La

The Military Police North Court ordered the detention of three noncommissioned officers of the National Police accused of directly participating in the death of Fidel Flores Cuzco during the eviction from his home. The NCOs will serve six months confinement. The hearing was held at the headquarters of the Military Court in Cajamarca, Peru, located at the Police NCO School in Cajamarca.  The hearing began in the morning and lasted until late afternoon.

Of interest, "During the hearing relatives of Fidel Flores protested that the agents investigated should be prosecuted by civilian courts, not military, because all they do is protect." The article discusses at length the deceased's family's objections to a military trial on what seem to be minor charges of violating rules and an abuse of power.

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