Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Systemic uncertainty noted in Australian military justice system

Geoff Earley
Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force Geoff Earley is concerned about the unsettled state of Australian military justice:
While he remains “generally satisfied with the overall health and effectiveness of the ADF’s military justice system”, almost a decade of attempted reforms have caused “continuing speculation” and “systemic uncertainty” about its future, Mr Earley said.
“For several years now I have remarked on the uncertain environment in which almost every ­aspect of the military justice system has had to operate whilst subject to a seemingly constant series of reviews, since 2005.
“It is to be hoped the cycle of ­reviews will conclude in the coming year and an implementation program of useful improvements, that were recommended in many of the reviews, can commence,” he said.
Nearly half of the investigative positions for serious ADF crimes remain unfilled:
The unit has “a huge staffing shortage for two reasons; one, they can’t get anyone to go there because they know what a mess it is and two, once they do get there, they burn out,” one source said.

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