Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thai coup military courts' broad jurisdiction

It's getting worse in ThailandThis article from the Bangkok Post reports that the Thai Courts of Justice warned on Friday about the extended jurisdiction of the military court. Offenses not specified in the junta's orders or committed before May 25 might also come under the court's jurisdiction if committed in connection with crimes that are within its jurisdiction. The court now has jurisdiction over cases in which offenders are civilians, including Criminal Code offenses against the King, the Queen, and the Heir Apparent and offenses against internal security under Criminal Code sections 113-18 (except those committed in the southern provinces under the 2008 national security decree or the 2005 state of emergency decree). "The Courts of Justice also noted that since there was no constitution now, any petition to the Constitutional Court to decide whether a law was unconstitutional should be scrapped."

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