Tuesday, April 22, 2014

That case in Hawai'i

Waikiki & Diamond Head, Honolulu
According to this news report, "Honolulu police began the investigation into [Ivanice "Ivy"] Harris’ disappearance and death, but the Naval Criminal Investigative Service took over the case." Anyone know why? Have defense counsel challenged the exercise of military jurisdiction?

NCIS's website states that its "mission is to investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps -- ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace."

The accused, Marine Master Sgt. Nathaniel L. Cosby, has claimed self-defense. Here is some good reporting from KITV4 television.

The FBI reported in January that Ms. Harris's pimp, Mark “Meezilini” Miles, Jr., is one of 10 persons indicted by a federal grand jury in Portland, Oregon.

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