Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chief judge speaks at Turkish court's centennial in Ankara

President (Rear Admiral)
Ahmet Zeki Liman
Turkey's top military judge, Rear Admiral Ahmet Zeki Liman, of the Military Court of Cassation, has spoken out against unification of the country's military and civilian justice systems. According to this account in Turkish Weekly, he commented:
“I believe saying, ‘The military judicial service will become more independent, more qualified, fairer and more effective in regards to meeting needs than they are today, if the military judiciary and the Military Supreme Court of Appeals, which are experts and have a reasonable workload, are combined with the civilian judiciary, which is operating with a workload that has become difficult to overcome,’ would be extreme optimism.”
(According to a 2013 staff working document from the European Union, civilian and military court systems continue "to run in parallel.")

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